How much is a hand painted wall? 

It all depends on the size! The average sized walls run between $1000-2000.

JMS hand painted walls are typically $22-25/ square foot. Please feel free to send us the dimensions and a photo of any wall(s) you have in mind as we'd be happy to provide a quote!

Ceiling height, level of detail and windows/ doorways to paint around are also considered when quoting. 


How much is a custom canvas?

Again, it all depends on size! We've listed a few common sizes below. However if you wish to get a custom size made, we can make it happen! Send us the size you're thinking or book a consult to establish the size that would look best!

12 x 12" = $118

12 x 24" = $248

24 x 24" = $488

24 x 36" = $758

30 x 40" = $988

36 x 36" = $1088

36 x 48" = $1388

36 x 48" = $1498

48 x 48" = $1988

48 x 60" = $2488


How much is an interior design/ styling consult? 

A flat fee of $100 for up to one hour to review the scope of work and level of involvement. 

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