Justine M. Schlosser is a Saskatchewan born artist and designer with global ambitions. She's created work for clients all over Canada + the United States.



She's a graduate of Ryerson University, with a bachelors degree in Interior Design along with past studies at Manchester Metropolitan University and a diploma from Lethbridge College. 
While living in Toronto, she "made it happen" and pursued her passions by founding Justine Marie Studios. JMS offers interior design + styling services and abstract art. But it didn’t stop there. JMS has since created a product line including home décor, apparel, accessories, stationary and more, all based on her original art. Products are created in North America by those who receive fair wages. 
Not only was this brand created from one-of-a-kind art, it’s so proud of it’s prairie roots that most products are locally designed. Justine works with local collaborators to sew her scrunchies, pour her candles and print her wallpapers. signed with the JMS signature! 
When you purchase a JMS piece, you receive an uplifting and splash of inspiration to be displayed on your wall, styled on your sofa or carried or worn on you while you're on the go.
Justine believes in inspiring others to ignite their creative expression and share it with the world.

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