Meet Justine

Local talent. Global ambitions.

Justine M. Schlosser is a Saskatchewan-born artist and interior designer whose work has been featured in homes and businesses across North America. She is known for her serene, nature inspired palettes, her use of iridescent and metallic paints, and for creating beautiful, inspiring spaces with layers of detail.




“My creative process balances complexity and simplicity. I’m inspired not only by nature, but by conversations, music, textiles, photography, and architecture. Each of these contain meaning that forms the layers of my work.  

Working in layers requires intuition and patience. I have come to appreciate the impact and importance of trust—both in myself and in the process—as I pause and reflect between each layer. Whether I am creating an artwork for myself or for a client, these layers build over time to spark curiosity and tell a story.

 I'm extremely fortunate I get to make the world an even more beautiful place.”